There should always be time for lube.

Unfortunately, I'm sometimes a little more lax than I should be about maintenance. Especially during the winter, which is stupid b/c that's when you need it the most. Otherwise:

Yeah, that's not a good shade of rust orange for your chain to be. But I ran out of teflon spray a few weeks ago and it's been too snowy and cold to bother with an extra trip to get new supplies. What the hell, the bike is already junk but it's riding alright. It hasn't felt like it was going to fall apart out from under me in a long time.

But a new Running Away shop opened on Clybourn after the blizzard, and the wife convinced me to stop in there the other night while we were out picking up dinner. They're not bike-centric but they at least had some lube so I could do some basic work last night. Hence:

That's a slightly healthier color for a chain. Slightly. I'd still like to think I could keep an eye out for a cheap ride in better shape at the winter cycle swap at the end of the month, but looking for a house and looking for a bike seem to be at odds. At least I can still buy whiskey when I want to.

Current beer-scale: 8.9

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