At least I remembered to double-sock

WGN had the temp even lower when I left this morning, but however far below zero it was I was still in less actual pain on my bike than I was on the train yesterday. Between stuffing my flat feet into uncomfortable boots and jamming onto a train with no room to move, every time I take the train pain starts radiating up from my feet until I can stumble out at my stop.

No such drama on the bike, at least not after I was able to get the door unfrozen. Last winter the deadbolt froze in place and I had to jump out the window and kick the door in after taking the hinges off. That actually collapses the inside doorknob a bit but the lock still worked. Until this morning, when I went to take the dog out before I left and couldn't unlock the door at all. Eventually I got it open with some pliers to turn the bolt, but I doubt we'll be locking the door at all for the next few days. Hopefully since the wife is home sick again I can get inside at the end of the day.

Even better, I have delicious rye whiskeys to drink when the day is over. As long as I can make it to that point, everything should be gravy. Good times.

Current beer-scale: a frigid 8.2

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