The nerds know what I'm talking about

Yeah, that sucked.

The blizzard hit about an hour early, and when the office closed I wasted two bucks trying to take the train home. I lasted three trains worth but by that point I knew I was screwed. There were more people on the platform after the third train left than before the first train I couldn't fit onto got to the station, with more and more people continuing to stream in.

I'm impatient with the CTA under best case scenarios, and a blizzard freaking everyone out is far from that. So I headed upstairs to walk home. It wasn't that bad, other than the fact that about halfway home, I looked up into whiteout conditions and with the furry hood on my snorkel jacket felt like I was looking out at the ice planet Hoth. This pic is from early on, before the wind started to kick up more.

Slogging along for an hour didn't help either. Nor did the fact that my phone was iced over after answering a call and trying to take a few more pictures to the point of literally freezing up and being useless. That made me unhappy. But ultimately the fact that I made the 4+ mile walk in almost exactly an hour isn't too shabby. I even had the energy to stop and pick up a pizza, beer, and ice cream. You know, emergency supplies. Some people buy shovels, I buy pies.

Once home, the dog didn't care I had just spent an hour walking home. She just wanted to head out into the mess. That lasted about two blocks, and then she was covered in snow and looking for the quickest way home. Ah, the storm of the century. Good times.

Please just let me inside Daddy, you can take the picture on the couch

If my phone thaws by tomorrow morning we'll see what kind of pictures a night of constant snowfall gets us. 10 foot drifts, a few inches an hour, should be interesting.

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & nothing but time

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