Dug out, at least a little

Snow days are even more fun as an adult.
Had a chance to sleep in, managed to dig our way out of our snowed-in walkway to take the dog out, had enough food to make it through the day and have awesome steaks for dinner plus drinks--I'll take an adult snow day over a kid's snow day anytime.

That was what the alley behind our place looked like yesterday morning. Snow past my knees but after digging through a four-foot drift in our walkway that seemed like a piece of cake. The dog loved it.

If it weren't for the dog I don't think we would have even left the house at all yesterday. We even took a pretty fantastic nap around 3:30. Sounds like the perfect day to wrap up with some steaks.
I hate this time of year but if I could spend a few more days like that I'd be much happier with February. Today it's back to business, expect for the idiot who left a car abandoned in the middle of our street for the past 36 hours.Yes it's not plowed and the car couldn't go anywhere anyway, but it's not going to get better with a car in the middle of the street either. The snow isn't going to magically disappear, especially when it's below zero now. The alley actually looks better than the street at this point; people realized some ass had left a car out and with everyone shoveling out their garage, it's actually easier to drive up the alley than Greenview. That was how I carried the bike up to Fullerton this morning.

And yeah, I was back on the bike b/c the train sucks balls and I'm not the brightest. It wasn't too bad, except Wells and Division were slushier than I expected and it was damn cold. Still better than the train though.

Current beer-scale: 1.1

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