And the first blizzard watch of 2011 Chicago is on! Will we actually get anywhere close to the 24+ inches of snow some forecasts are predicting? More importantly, will I be able to handle a few days on the train, or will I crack and say "screw it, I'm using a sick day"? A middle of the week snow day can be pretty enjoyable sometimes, if you're not trapped in whiteout conditions for too long.


Thankfully conditions were nicer yesterday for a few more hours of house-hunting. We saw a few possibilities, but we'll have to see how the comps shake out and what kind of offer we can put together. In the meantime, failing to close on our first offer hasn't stopped us from trying to start organizing for a move.

One trouble area in our apartment is always our dvd collection. It hasn't grown too much lately as we get the most bang for our netflix buck but we do have a few years of dvds worth keeping but taking up space.

So like anything else, we threw some money at the issue and bought some new storage racks. Wading through the crowd at the container store was surprisingly intense, almost like the crowd at a grocery store before a major blizzard. I don't know who needs to stock up on modular storage units before getting two feet of snow but evidently there are people like that out there.

Two new containers made a big dent in the clutter, even though it was a little difficult to part with some of those dvd boxes. But into recycling they went. Still, two 100 dvd storage racks barely took half the collection, so the next day we walked back to get two more. Thankfully we took the dog and I got to stay outside with her while the wife took a deep breath and headed in.

Two more containers did the trick, with plenty of room for expansion later.

It is a little strange what boxes made the cut though. The Simpsons, Lost, or Veronica Mars did not, but Justice League in the collectors tin did, and so did Futurama. So did Venture Brothers, and that was actually the wife's idea b/c of the box art. Batman Begins stayed b/c of the comic insert, so Dark Knight had to stay as well. And she let me leave Batman & Superman up there too. Man we are nerds.

It was a fun exercise and actually got me a little excited to pack when we actually have a place lined up. We'll see how long that feeling last though, I'm not holding my breath.

Current beer-scale: 7.4

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