One of the drawbacks to bike commuting I've found is that over time I've become more and more anti-social. The wife makes fun of me for tending agoraphobically but that's not quite it. I just prefer being able to control when I leave, how fast I go, and not be physically confined in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time. Of course, riding can be uncomfortable sometimes and I got used to that, so there is an argument I could re-acclimate to the train or bus.

But I had a mid-afternoon meeting today up north, and instead of riding there and calling it a day I took the shuttle from and back to my office. I used to ride the shuttle a lot when I lived up north and had class or worked downtown, but it's been about five years since then. More, actually. And a lot's changed.

The convenience of having a phone that can play mp3's, games, and video is not lost on me. I spent the trip back playing angry birds and listening to the white stripes. But that was while engulfed in a cloud of axe body spray positively wafting off the undergrads on the shuttle. I wish my phone had an incense app.

But the shuttle was the right move, b/c the look I got at the lake path was awfully icy. Back in school sometimes I was so busy that the shuttle going on LSD was the closest I got to a beach trip and today reminded me about that. But in weather this cold I think it's wise to stay away from the lake unless we're at the dog beach.

Current beer-scale: 5.9

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