another walkabout

We have tickets to Tosh tonite, so it was another walk to work morning for me. The wife has the day off and offered to drive me, but walking gave us a chance to spend some additional time together. Plus, the dog freaks out when the routine changes at all Mon-Fri, so she was happily spazzing.

We split up after a starbucks trip, the wife having the drag the dog away. It's never fun. It was much crappier this morning vs my last walk, so a peppermint mocha actually quite hit the spot.

I passed farm in the zoo again this morning, which makes me laugh. I used to hate walking there for work but now I walk 5 miles to work seemingly whenever I have the chance. But it really was dreary out.

Anyway, here's to a chance to have dinner somewhere downtown before Tosh tonite. Then finding whiskey to drink at home.

Current beer-scale: 7.1

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