Grind it out

It's easy to enjoy a ride in the rain when you're the only person out there, or at least the only person on a bike. It might be a little more tempting to slap some car windows when people can't seem to stay out of the bike lane though.

When I got into work this morning and was drying off, I was struck by a strong memory from college. For a couple of semesters, we had "dress up humpday" every Wednesday. It's pretty self-explanatory, but the idea was to dress up on Wednesday since it was the nipple of the week. There was a weekly newsletter and everything.

Tying my tie this morning, it struck me how much fun that was and made me wonder why it kind of fell off eventually. Everything does I guess, but I wish I could muster the same enthusiasm for my daily office attire that I had for weekly formal attire at college. It's all I can do to stop myself from breaking out the Blues Brothers "mission from god" tie.
Current beer-scale: 4.9 & climbing towards tomorrow night's college football games!

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