the pilot's new home

That was how you start a work day.

I always, always, always, come in too early on my second day. I'm anal about traveling, especially via public transit, and leave way earlier than necessary. For whatever reason, this really seems to happen on the second day even more so than the first at a new job. Yesterday, I walked in almost 15 minutes early. Unlocked the doors, turned on the lights, looked for coffee to make a pot. Not the worst way to start a day, but it makes me feel a little weird to be the new guy walking around an empty office.

Two days on the train is about all I can handle these days. So it was finally time to hit the streets this morning, and boy was that a fantastic ride. I took it easy until a she-spandex whizzed by on my right, which woke me up enough to catch up. It didn't really help my timing though, b/c even though I left later than I wanted to, I still got in earlier than I wanted to. Can't complain about that commute though.
Tomorrow I have the first of two orientation sessions scheduled up north in Rogers Park, and I've decided that screw it, I'm riding the bike as much as I can. So tomorrow it's up to RoPo, then back down to water tower at noon, then home. Now that's a commute.

Current beer-scale: 4.1

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