sands in the hour glass

No one should want to "kill" time. No matter how you spend it, time should be a resource to squeeze every drop out of, a finite space that there to fill to the best of your ability.

That being said, getting laid off gives you a lot more time than you might be used to, and occasionally you have to get creative to fill those empty spots.

One thing I really regret about my old job is having to cut off a bracelet I bought on my honeymoon. B/c I was usually handling several large reptiles and amphibians that would cling to loose articles or jewelry with claws or tails, the conch shell bracelet had to go. I had been wearting it for over two years as a reminder of how much fun we had, but also to give me something sunny to think of in December and January. Bummer. And when I got laid off, one positive I took away was the idea of picking up something similar to signify moving on in life when I found a new job.

Forward to six months later, and I don't think it would hurt to spoil myself and pick something up even though I'm still looking. But to buy something, when I don't have a paycheck? Questionable at best. So let's recycle.

Cycle being key here. I think it would be cool to pick up a bike chain bracelet. But do I want to buy something?No. That wouldn't really make sense with all the parts I've got around. So cleaning a bit of chain would be a good way to make use of the morning.Cleaned, and with a bit of innertube tied into something that I could hopefully take off in one piece if I ever line up another interview. Fantastic. Now to savor the rest of my beautiful Friday.

Current beer-scale: 7.1 and about to get lower! Downtown drinking!

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