google me? google you.

the headless man in the gray flannel suit

The job search continues, albeit with a few just-misses and some less than uplifting interviews. Let's just say the paranoia starts to set in sometimes when it comes to potential employers mentioning googling candidates and what someone could find. So that explains my lack of posting and the virtual desert my facebook page has turned into. When employers say they want you to talk about yourself, they don't mean they're impressed that you drank a guiness in five seconds last weekend.

Today was the first of two back-to-back interviews. Unexpected highlights included an improv session, rapid fire Q & A with multiple candidates, and the chance to sit in a corn thresher.

What can I say, it's about as interesting as the bike trainer. Which is not very, but at least the trainer gets the job done. Not really anything to write home about though. Thank god for 'Chuck' on dvd. 'Supernatural' is on its way.

The dog is getting too used to my being home to make me want to find a job. She lost her mind when I came in today after picking the wife up on the way back. I had been gone all of four hours. What a sweetheart.

Current beer-scale: 8.2

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