technically not a disaster

but pretty damn close.

With Dominicks all over Chicago closing or about to be purchased by other chains, there's been a few news stories about stores getting cleared out.  We were out for some errands yesterday and needed to get a handful of groceries to get through a party and meeting-heavy week and thought we'd try our normal store.  Turned out to be a surreal experience.

We usually go to the Dominicks on McCormick.  It's a little further away than other options but a little quieter too and there's easier parking.  The closer Dominicks was actually one of the ones on the news since it hasn't been purchased by anyone else and it's pretty cleared out.  The same can be said of the McCormick location; it felt like a disaster was about to hit, or already had.  The only things left on the shelf was alcohol, and only b/c that's not 50% off yet.  Bummer.

Thankfully we found the one item I wanted to get, the last can of cream cheese frosting for some christmas tree rolls this week.  I honestly can't believe it was still there.  B/c that's about all we found, other than a bunch of junk we only got b/c it was severely on sale.  Still, a crazy experience. 

I did have to laugh while I was in line, the wife was keeping an eye on the kid who was running around using two rolls of saran wrap as drumsticks or swords.  This doesn't really give it justice but it was a pretty fair cap to a strange and weirdly fun trip.

Current beer-scale: 9.1

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