mush daddy, mush!

With a heat index in the mid-90's I was telling myself yesterday would be a slow day.  That lasted about half the AM commute until I got buzzed and decided to keep up with the ladies that zoomed by.  And then the daycare called, and the boy had fallen, hit his head, and thrown up.  So the commute back home to get him wasn't any slower.  If anything, it was faster.  Panic and fear can be great motivators.   

Turns out he was fine, thank god.  Just threw up after everyone fussing over him got him upset it seems, and a loooooooong trip to the ER confirmed a concussion was not likely.  It was a rough day though, made worse by the fact that the trip was perfectly timed so he missed his usual lunch and nap-times, and I wouldn't let him sleep in the car thanks to the concussion fears.  Ugh.  That was the worst part of the day actually.

So he's fine, I didn't quite get heatstroke, finished the day with a maple rye, and now everything is back to normal for a late night at the office today.  Goodie.

Current beer-scale: 8.9

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