The bad & the good

Yesterday was all over the map.

Had to stay late, and got the day off to a great start with a mild dooring incident on the way in.  Some fat chick opened her cab door into my leg, knocking me into the curb.  Not much damage but you can tell the front wheel is way off true now and my left quad is sore as fuck.  How was it my left leg?  The cab she was in was trying to take up as much room in both the straight lane and the right turn lane.  Good job guy.

So I'm limping around a little, but it looks more like a strut.  Which is perfect, b/c our insurance company got back to us and confirmed they're reimbursing us 90% of the cost of my bike and 20% of the wife's 10-year old bike.  Not perfect, but more than I expected with less hassle.  So now we have to find some time to get some test rides in.  Goodie.

Current beer-scale: 8.2

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