Zenni part II

Obviously, my satisfaction with Zenni's overall experience outweighed my disappointment with one of my selections. So it was easy enough to find a third pair cheap enough and try again.

For the past 6-7 years I've been sticking with the same kind of aviators at about $230 a pop. The dog got ahold of at least one pair, one pair got sacrficed to the Aztecs on a beach during our honeymoon, and I'd swear there's one more replacement in there but I don't remember. If Zenni can help me get that down to around $30 then I'm okay buying a few different pairs.

They actually have very similar frames to my old stuff for $45. Not bad but I'm looking to go a little cheaper. I settled on something in the $7 range, and with tinting, anti-glare, and shipping things came to just under $22. Fucking A right.
Again, nothing bad to say about their selection, prices, or communication. The main drawback for Zenni is always going to be the long shipping time. Based on the first order, I guessed a 2/20 order would get in on 3/6. I was pleasantly surprised when the shipping email estimated delivery on 3/4, then annoyed when they didn't show up and USPS said it would be 3/8, and ultimately satisfied when they showed up on you guessed it, 3/6.
The vision clarity seems dead on, and they feel much more solid than the flimsy plastic pair that I didn't like the first time. Completely worth the price and wait, I am shocked at how much I've liked shopping through Zenni. I wouldn't be surprised if I spring for the pricier frames when I find myself needing another pair in the future.

Current beer-scale: 8.1

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