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I don't have many rules for life, but when you see a frozen pizza offered by a local hockey legend, you damn well better pick it up.  When I saw a Savy's sausage pizza in the freezer section I did just that.  Unfortunately there were mixed results.

Denny Savard is a Blackhawks legend from the 80's and 90's.  Hall of Famer, former coach, Blackhawks ambassador, all-around great guy.  So this is kind of a Newman's Own deal, and the pizza on the box looked great.
At this point I should mention that most of these pizzas microwave up terribly, which is why some of the digornos are so fantastic b/c they're actually halfway decent.  That's all I'm looking for at the office when I don't have time/money/ambition to go get something.  Anyway, trying this in the oven would probably go much better.  Because even out of the box this pizza looked pretty good:
Out of the microwave was another story.  The middle would not get hot no matter how much extra time I gave it.  After 3 30-second reheats I gave up.  Nothing really changed color between frozen and cooked, which is never really appetizing. 

Taste-wise things weren't horrible, not again nothing stood out.  The bread had the tiniest crunch from being so overcooked, which was actually nice.  The sauce is bland, but the sausage had a little kick to it to balance it out.  It was actually very close to a crappy no-name pizza you'd get at a minor-league ballpark, which why anyone would want to shoot for that is beyond me.  But I'd definitely give it a second chance, only at home with the oven. 

Days like this make me miss working at the zoo with a decent foodcourt and an employee discount.  Not that I went every day, but there's not much that beats being able to grab a hotdog and eat it outside while you're at work.

Current beer-scale: 6.6

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