still yawning

It was my turn to take the late (or early) feeding last night.  So when the little monster started fussing at 2:45 this morning I made up his bottle and got to feeding him.

Amazingly he barely stirred for most of the bottle.  Even changing him went pretty well, until he woke up at the very end.  He finished the bottle, and I thought I had him back asleep.

When I went to put him down, his eyes opened as soon as I set foot in his room.  Okay, I sat back down in the dark to shhhhhh him back to sleep.  Same thing happened on attempt #2, literally as soon as I crossed the threshold to his room.  This time I wrapped him up like a burrito and really made sure he was asleep when I set him down.  By that time it was 4 AM.  Nice.

Each time he closed his eyes he was still making faces in his sleep.  Making things more difficult, when he was awake he'd look right at me and smile, which is impossible not to laugh at, even at 3:30 in the morning.  And laughing just wakes him up more.  Eventually we were both able to get some sleep before starting the day today.  And even though I'm pooped, thinking of that makes me smile.  I fell asleep with a full heart last night, and it made getting up and riding to work that much easier. Now if only the rest of this week would hurry the hell up.

Current beer-scale: 7.8

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