Bikes are great but I can't exactly carry everything...

I've been charged with running some errands on my way home tonite so it was back on the raleigh for the day.  The primary stop I'll be making includes purchasing a new dining table and seating, so it doesn't really matter what I rode today b/c it's not like I'm strapping a 70+ inch table anywhere on my person. 

But it is incredible how different going from bike to bike can feel, even with just one ride on the madone to compare.  The raleigh is 520 steel but doesn't feel too heavy after riding the tank all winter.  Compared to the trek though the thing is an anvil.  Maybe I'm just a tired old man.

Yeah, that's probably it.  Can't wait to run some errands in my least favorite part of town to ride in.

Current beer-scale: 7.8

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