Nearly got doored last night coming home, by some chick throwing open her door on Lincoln right before Belmont. I ended up with a hand on the cab to my left to stay steady as I slammed on the brakes and started screaming at this lady clue-lessly stepping into the street. Really, full volume, letting her have it. Not my best moment, but I was already in a pissy mood and fuck that lady for not looking around. If the worst things that came out of it was me calling someone a cunt then so be it.

This is at the end of a long week where I'm not really feeling the bike right now. Taking the train on Monday should take care of that but really, the nearness of what happened last night was enough to put me back on the bike this morning just looking for someone to flip out on. And looking for beer on the way home tonite.

Current beer-scale: 8.9

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