That's a lot of box

Picking up baby furniture this weekend turned out to be more of a challenge than expected. We thought everything would come flat-packed and easily fit into the hatchback. The dog stayed home and we made the drive out to the store early on Saturday to pick everything up.

Oops.The crib was flat packed but I think they basically laid everything out and put it in the biggest box possible. And the little dresser we bought is in one piece, surrounded by 3 inches of styrafoam and put into an even bigger box. Fantastic.

Thankfully, the in-laws were home and able to come by with both their cars. They took the caliber home while the wife and I each drove one of theirs to drop the furniture off in the garage. And the dog happily hopped in when we turned right around to drive both cars back and pick ours up. Everybody wins.
Except the tank, who was literally boxed in this morning.

There's still a lot to do-I have no idea how to get this stuff out of the garage, and the trainer bike currently in the nursery will make 4 bikes in the garage with no real way to store them. Good problems to have I suppose.

Current beer-scale: 1.8

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