Not terrible, I guess

Today was the first day I went to work but not on a bike since the move. Every other day I haven't biked, I haven't gone to work. 908 miles-worth since June 1st, not too shabby.

At the old address(es) that would have meant walking, but I think I would have had to get up just a little too early for that. Which unfortunately meant the train.

Amazingly, it wasn't too bad, besides the guy who kept farting. Audibly. Seriously, I could hear it over my music. That's only b/c I could take my phone out to turn it up after someone sat down next to me but that doesn't make it any less gross.

Rather than switch trains I stayed on the brown line to walk a few blocks and not get to the office too early. When I was finally at my stop and could breathe again things got better. A quick stop at starbucks:And then the walk.
Like I said, not terrible. By now I only have two hours before a lunch date, then eventually it's off to the burbs for some car shopping. Now that just might be terrible.

Current beer-scale: 7.7

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