gearing up

There are a few late nights sprawling out in front of me this week so I'm trying to be a little more zen while I bike as an attempt to relax. I'm swamped at work right now, updating handbooks and writing articles and doing whatever else I do before the school year starts and the idea of adding a few hours to my schedule this W-F is not helping.

Usually if I had to stay late I could go in late after a trip to the beach, but our car is basically dead and the idea of negotiating a sea of 'end-of-model-year sales at dealerships on top of all the furniture shopping we're already doing makes my stomach want to jump out of my body. But I'm way too frantically trying to get everything done by next Monday anyway to stick to an 8-hour workday. Joy.

So I try to squeeze as much enjoyment out of each bike commute as possible. It seems to be working, as I got passed on the right this morning by two Freds and it barely registered. I just have to make it until 8 PM Friday, then I'm all set. Plus, I bought more whiskey last weekend. Cars and furniture might be a pain, but I'd shop for whiskey all day if I could.

I know I've done this before having already spent more than a year at the new job, I just have no idea how it got done last time. The downside to having a program to call your own is managing that program, on your own.

Current beer-scale: 9.4

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