Kick it off right

It didn't look good as I was leaving today.

So the heat hasn't come yet, but that's no reason to leave the cap on the growler. Especially after racing the clouds and cab douches to come home early and cut the grass.

It looked pretty bad by the time I was almost home. There were actually people stopping on Lincoln at Wilson to take pictures of the sky. I was more concerned with whether or not any of these were starting to look particularly funnel-shaped.

Nothing really happened though, and I got the grass cut after taking the dog out. Nicked up a finger too, although I didn't realize it was full-on bleeding until I was nearly done.

Now to drink my growler and go see "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop." All in all a great way to start a long holiday weekend. Happy Independence Day!

Current beer-scale: 8.9

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