There's gotta be someone up there...

Miracle of miracles, my first trip to the Foremost liquors on Kedzie yielded a new bottle of Templetons!

Well, not a new bottle as it's still the fourth batch, but still, that's six months after everyone else was telling me they were gone in Lincoln Park and Old Town. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Better yet, they had two but the wife drew the line at one. Who knows, if I go back there in a month it might even still be there. The store's in a shady enough part of the neighborhood that it might be pretty untraveled outside of the cheap beers in the cooler. We'll see in a week or two.

For now I'm thrilled to have another bottle to drink, b/c I feel like this week is earning me a few drinks this weekend.

Current beer-scale: fucking high.

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