mmmmmm beer!

Saw someone in a Half Acre cycling jersey this morning and it prompted me to give them a thumbs up as I went by. We just took the tour last Saturday and it was a blast. It's only two rooms so it's not much of a "tour," but you get three full pint samples and a pint glass for $10 and Rog the guy doing the talking was entertaining.

Even better, they had shirts with the owl-squid that their cafe press store has been out of forever. You can't buy cycling team gear but you can show your local brew pride with different glasses, shirts, hoodies, etc.

This was the can line for the entire operation, and the upstairs loft was crammed full of empties waiting to be processed. A pretty big difference between this and the miller tour, where the bottle & can lines never seem to be shut down and are screamingly loud. This was a lot more pleasant to stand around and drink by.

When we were done I remembered I wanted to ask them to bring back the scavenger hunt pog again, but at that point I was sitting down across the street for some of their Meatwave IPA so I didn't care. All in all a fun way to spend a few hours on a Saturday, despite having to show up an hour early and wait in the sun to make sure we got a spot on the tour. I'd do it again, and now that we're so close we likely will. For sure I'll be there in a week or two when the next session brew gets tapped.

Current beer-scale: 7.1

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