BTD 2011

The camera cord got packed away this weekend so more interesting pictures of the mall in front of Science & Industry swarming with riders and the hellish conditions in fog and rain are trapped on the camera for a while, but I can post this out of focus, too far away shot of a rental bike rack.

I actually saw a few people on these borrow bikes during the ride, which struck me as a brilliant idea. Especially after having my bike strapped to an suv and sprayed with I-80 juice the entire way into the city that morning. They might not be the funnest bikes or easy to go fast on, but renting a bike just outside of the starting area seems like a brilliant way to handle Bike the Drive.

Possibly more pictures to come, but they'll have to wait until after the wife and I close on our place tomorrow. And move a bunch of boxes, and then find everything I would need for the camera. So it will be a while. We've got stuff to do.

ETA: some shots from the ride. It was surprisingly crowded already at the first turn, we got started a little late. Still cool to see all those riders out.
Soldier Field in the fog/rain. I got a good action shot of my mustache near here too.

Current beer-scale: 8.8

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