drink drink drink, sleep...not so much

Well that nearly worked.

After not sleeping at all Sunday night, a few beers and whiskeys followed dinner in an attempt to at least get drunk enough to if not pass out, think of things more pleasant than work when it was time to sleep.
It worked for a few hours. In the middle of my 2nd whiskey it struck me how much I enjoy watching "Castle" and how for a procedural it's pretty great. Conan seemed to hit his monolog out of the park. I made it into bed and happily closed my eyes to call it a day.

What I didn't plan for was not being ready to start today when the alarm started. I'm not quite hungover, but I'm not exactly well-rested either. Oh well. Maybe some pizza will do a better job soaking up all the beer I'm planning on drinking at dinner tonight.

Current beer-scale: 5.5

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