Wow what a difference a weekend makes. It hit 50 degrees yesterday, and was in the high thirties this morning as I left. Who cares if wind made that feel closer to 25. That was a wet, warm ride in conditions that were a lot better than they have been for a while. Keep that snow melting.

Of course people commuting in cars feel the same joy, and their exuberance spills into the bike lane with little to no warning. When you know this ahead of time it's not difficult to keep an extra eye out for it, as well as all the extra bikers out.

My favorite guy this morning went to pull into the bike lane to skip a line of traffic at one of the stop signs on Wells and take a right. I braked but he saw me just as he was heading out so he stayed in his lane for a minute. Didn't use a turn signal, didn't look before he made his move, but at least he stayed in the lane until I passed. The whole thing took about 2 seconds, but it was worth noting b/c after I braked he gave me the "c'mon, let's go" hand circles that I give people that have annoyed me in traffic. If he had spent that energy putting on a blinker instead I don't think we would have had any kind of issue. Whatever. It was warm enough for me to laugh about it this morning.

Current beer-scale: 4.2

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