Back to it

Holy crap that was rough. Maybe it was just getting back after the extra day off, maybe it was the fresh snow, maybe it was the tensioned chain, but that was a tough commute this morning.

More likely it was a combo of all three, but man was that extra day off sweet. After a nap the chain tensioner went on frankenbike easy. It screwed into the derailleur hanger behind the drop out and there's a spring running the inside length of the tensioner arm that keeps it taunt against the chain. It was that simple; screw it in and fit the pulley arm to the chain line. I was slightly dubious but maybe things will work well enough to squeeze some extra life out of the bike.

I was still dubious riding in this morning; between the taunt chain and crappy snow I felt wiped out before I even got to Lincoln. I was panting like a dog almost the entire way in. At least the snow is stopping by now. Conditions were not in my favor this AM.

The dog enjoyed it though; after yesterday she kept giving me looks like she was wondering what we were going to do today. Unfortunately it was back to the routine for everyone, not just me.

Current beer-scale: 3.2

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