Six of one...

Which is more hellish, cramming onto an el car already ass-to-nuts or rolling & slipping through all the road grit and salt on the road that will calcify into a nasty mix on your beautiful yet crap-tastic bike?

After taking yesterday off, I said the train was still worse and the hell with it. I was riding regardless, and it wasn't too bad. Went slow and keep my head on a swivel, made it in relatively unscathed. I don't want to think about how much damage the gunk on the road is doing to frankenbike as it sits outside locked up downstairs, but that's why you ride junkers in the winter.

I think one day on the train was enough to get me exposed to something nasty, as I developed a killer headache by the end of yesterday and am feeling quite sluggish and downtrodden so far today. Of course that might have meant the train would have been a smarter choice. I never said I was a brain. Break out the whiskey, things will be fine.

Current beer-scale: 4.5

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