Timing issues

No, not that kind.

My commute has been all over the place lately. Getting up yesterday after a few extra days off, I got a bag together relatively quickly and left a few minutes early. It was only 8:15 when I got to the office, making for a pretty long day of doing nothing and listening to construction on the floor above me. Hoping to avoid more of the same today I dragged my feet a little this morning and left later than usual. Still got here at 8:20.

Even though it was cold enough to motivate a little speed it's not like I've been sprinting both days this week. I have a lovely new pearl izumi jacket just for weather like this BTW. Maybe the lack of car traffic just makes it that much easier to get downtown quickly without fearing for my life every few blocks. We did get some weather over christmas but by now it's all taken care of and not slowing anyone down. I guess I'll just have to sleep for a few more minutes tomorrow morning and see when I make it in by.

Current beer-scale: 5.1 & about to watch some Tuesday night football

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