So it begins

Tonite's the second holiday party on my schedule but the first of four coming from work. There's tonite, Saturday's reception for Dec graduates, Tuesday's department party, and Wednesday's University party. Woof. I still rode today b/c having to go up to RoPo means I could leave early to stop at home then go to the party. Tonite's actually the one I'm least looking forward too, but when it's done it's Friday so I'll suck it up. I'll deal with having to take the train next week if it comes to that. That's what fancy phones are for.

I installed the available update for my Droid X yesterday and I have to say, that might be the last phone I ever need. The camera is great, there's plenty of memory for my decent-sized personal playlist, angry birds is addictive, and the call clarity isn't too bad either. I'm not immediately comfortable with change on a device I've gotten used to, but most of the changes seem surface-level. The only thing that did happen was I lost the band and album info on all the music I already had on the phone. But everything else works.

I took this last night after the update while I was goofing around. I had hoped a picture of the tree would help my mood this morning, no luck so far. The polaroid effect does a nice job of concealing just what a crappy fake plastic tree we have. Other than the laptop that could be a picture from my childhood. Minus the tinsel. I miss tinsel.

Current beer-scale: 8.1

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