Two turkey hilights & bitching about headwinds


We put our tree up post-thanksgiving as is our tradition, and afterwards I had a chance to "fine-tune" frankenbike for this week. Quotes b/c there's nothing fine about it. But the tires felt a little slushy and needed some air, and since I had toe-clips going unused they got tossed on the worst bike in the city. Just in time to struggle through a totally craptastic headwind on the way in this morning. If it stays breezy it might be time to switch to the cutting-thru-the-neighborhood route instead of the path. Shortcuts are smart. But there's nothing like going back to work after a few days off with elements that seem dead set on keeping you from getting there.

And what a few days off they were. ND beat USC, the Bears beat Philly and M. Vick got hit a few times, and I figured out that I could use my mother-in-law's laptop to put the NFL network broadcast on the big screen to cap off Thursday.

The dog was less than impressed, but she was exhausted from getting so much attention over the course of the day.

I don't blame her. The holidays are fun, but damn can they be draining.

Current beer-scale: 8.2

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