Remember that time I got hit by lightning?

We laughed and laughed...

I've ridden in some ridiculous shit before. Chicago can get difficult and I try not to complain too much b/c I'm the one choosing to get on a bike instead of a train. Today was one of those days, where a light rain turned into a complete downpour and I kept going anyway. At one point by the lake lightning hit so close I saw a red flash along with the white. The accompanying thunder was so loud I thought it was cracking right over me. Good times. Still better than snow.

WGN had the temperature at 61 degrees when I got out of bed this morning so I was riding no matter what conditions were like. I had been thinking about switching to Frankenbike for a while now and the light rain pushed me over the edge. It's in surprisingly ride-able shape these days. I put some fixation session 23's on for winter hoping they would have enough tread even though they're real skinny. The gearing is a little suspect; bigger than a stock single speed but not even close to as big a ratio as I usually ride on the pilot. Which is good, b/c stopping is always a good idea and even taking it easy I felt like I was spinning away the entire ride. I forgot to put toe-clips on this weekend, how do you just 'forget' something like that? Definitely something to fix in the next day or two. As long as I get through the next day or two.

Thank god this is a short week. Bring on turkey and a few days off.

Current beer-scale: 3.9

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