learning experience

I saw a great looking bernese mountain dog on the way to work this morning. Unfortunately, I saw her while she was wandering across the lakefront path with people coming at her from both directions. I managed to slow down and stay out of the way, but that was with barely avoiding getting rear-ended by the chick behind me.

Whether she owned her or not I don't know, but the woman walking the dog was all the way down the beach at the water politely calling for her dog who was about to get creamed by someone. I had enough room to turn and call her a fucking moron, but that wasn't quite enough for how mad I was at the situation. Of course it's still uber-nice for the middle of October and all the speed freaks are back out, if a dog got in the way of their morning time trial I would wager that's all she wrote for the dog. It pissed me off.

Even worse, I still feel bad about it. That dog was just doing her own thing, happy and oblivious to what she was doing. Just b/c I managed to avoid hitting her doesn't mean she was safe with all those other bikers and runners out. What I should have done was come to full stop and shoo'd the dog back to the beach, that way I'd know she was alright. That would have given me an excuse to give the lady walking her a larger, louder, more profanity-laced piece of my mind too, which I think would have made me feel much better. Not everyone should be allowed to own a dog, and if you're letting it walk across a busy street or path, you're in that group.

Current beer-scale: 8.1, shit-ily high for a Monday AM

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