even by my standards

that was dumb.

Walking the dog was an adventure this morning. Wind gusts of up to 50 mph, high wind advisory and a tornado warning in the area, amidst a driving rain. Of course she didn't want to stay out too long, and of course I could not be persuaded to take the train when we were done.

She didn't even want to look as I got ready this morning.

The ride ended up not being too terrible. The rain died down until I was getting close to the bike path, and the wind only threatened to blow me off the bike once. It was worth it though, b/c by now the sun is out and even though the wind is still howling through the alleys between buildings it seems pleasant enough for an afternoon ride home.

I just hope my clothes a dry by 5 PM.

Good job, old chap!

Current beer-scale: 4.9

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